At this point we would like to introduce all SIMU project partners including their respective expertise. Please visit the company and institute websites for further information and references.

Logo der DECOIT GmbH

DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG ( perceives itself as competence partner to provide all technical requirements, thereby ensuring that its clients are able to work effectively. Work processes and communication are optimized. Lean solutions are sought and implemented, all of which happens in close cooperation with customers. Wherever market solutions are not available, own innovative solutions are sought and developed. In cooperation with national and international partners different projects can be realized successfully.

The business areas of DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG contain:

  1. Creation of market forecasts and of competent information for market evaluation and estimation as well as buildup of clients’ know-how.
  2. Manufacturer-independent evaluation of existing products in order to design the ideal solution.
  3. Technological consulting of customers on basis of own expert know-how in order to establish holistic solutions conceptually from rough concept to product specification and enable their realization.
  4. Development of IT solutions which provide clients with added value.
  5. Software development of own solutions in the field of e-business, e-commerce (B2B and B2C) and networking in order to cover niches that have been supported deficiently.
  6. Research and development (R&D) in order to always stay up to date on state-of-the-art knowledge, to create new products and to enter into new international partnerships.

DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG attends small and medium-sized as well as large businesses operating in all kinds of sectors. While large businesses rather utilize consulting services (especially in the field of IT security), small and medium-sized businesses ask for not only consulting but also for design and implementation of solutions. Assistance after completion of the project can also be provided if needed. Therefore, DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG is a full service provider that develops save and flexible solutions, mainly in open-source environment. With regards to the SIMU project, the company is responsible for the coordination of the whole project. As industrial research partner its joint responsibility additionally contains analysis, conception, development and implementation. DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG is Liaison Member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and takes part in the standardization process of new specifications actively. In the past, several different IF-MAP-Clients were developed. These were evaluated along with solutions of other providers during several PlugFest events organized by TCG. Being a provider of IT security solutions, DECOIT GmbH & Co. KG has great interest in further use and future commercialization of developed solutions.

Logo der Trust@HsH

The research group Trust@HsH ( operates in the fields of trusted computing, network and mobile security since 2006. Within these topics were and will be conducted several different research projects such as tNAC, ESUKOM (both completed successfully) or VisITMeta and SIMU (both ongoing). The research group members present their results at national and international conferences and workshops and additionally as being a Liaison Member they take part in specification processes of the Trusted Computing Group actively. This consortium of important IT companies and research institutes worldwide establishes internationally recognized standards in the field of IT. Among the most popular open-source implementations of the Trust@HsH group are the TCG certified MAP-Server irond, the detection engine irondetect as well as the MAP-GUI irongui. Furthermore, TNC@FHH was developed being one of the first open-source implementations of the Trusted Network Connect specifications. The Trust@HsH research group is situated in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty IV of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. Being internationally aligned, regionally well positioned and having more than 9000 enrolled students being the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Lower-Saxony’s capital city, the University offers its students an extensive range of study programs. In addition to technical and economic study programs and welfare the University provides several manifold study programs in the field of media and creative arts whose quality of education is internationally highly recognized. Small learning groups, application-oriented education including the field of research as well as numerous additional education possibilities for different target groups are further characteristics which make this University special.

Logo von Fraunhofer SIT

Within Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT is the expert for IT Security. Its employees are involved with all relevant fields of IT security. These include typical security topics such as biometrics, watermarking, internet security or trusted computing as well as the protection of critical infrastructures. A detailed description of SIT and its reference projects can be found on the institute website. Fraunhofer SIT has worked on standardization within the Trusted Computing Group for many years and thereby takes part in networking with several groups and companies that are active in this field. Additionally, Fraunhofer SIT possesses expertise in the field of security of distributed systems gained throughout different research and industry projects. In the here examined field of analysis and development of security Fraunhofer SIT took part in several reference projects (amongst others the EU project MASSIF) and is the leading expert in IT security in Germany. The Fraunhofer SIT became known to a wide range of industry specialists by conducting the formal analysis of TPM, funded by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), and the thereby connected participation in developing standards of TCG.

Logo von NCP

NCP engineering GmbH ( , founded in 1986 and headquartered in Nürnberg, is producer of software solutions for highly secured corporate communication via public networks and the internet. NCP’s core competencies lay in the fields of Remote Access, IP Routing, VPN and Firewall Technologies, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Network Access Control (NAC) as well as in Strong Authentication and Integration of PKI infrastructures. NCP sets global technological standards applying profound expertise and know-how. Under the claim Secure Communications the company develops universally applicable software components that allow for highly secure integration of telework places into a central data network. Secure Communications offer a uniform communication and management platform for convergent and save IP-based data transfer. The integration into already established IT infrastructures is possible without any difficulty. Important fields of application are for example mobile computing, telework, e-government, collection of company data and remote access management. With regards to national and international commercialization NCP relies on strategic partnerships with technology and OEM partners as well as distribution via system houses, distributers and resellers. Customers include large and medium-sized industry companies of all sectors and public authorities. Meanwhile NCP even runs a branch office in the USA.

NCP produces own IT security components (VPN, Firewall) and is interested in new trusted computing approaches to secure its solutions. NCP took part in the MAP development actively and is a Liaison Member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). In the SIMU project the company participates in the integration and evaluates its use in order to strengthen own products. NCL’s own marketing platform can be used for SIMU later on.

Logo von macmon secure

macmon secure gmbh ( is a German software producer specialized in network security and is seen as one of the pioneers among current Network-Access-Control (NAC) providers in Germany. Its client’s base includes companies of different branches and sizes, amongst others Federal Government Departments and Volkswagen. The self-developed modular NAC solution macmon protects the network from not authorized, insecure devices and intern attacks.

macmon serves several different security requirements including the authentication via MAC addresses, a certificate-based solution according to IEEE 802.1X and the implementation of security concepts of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). macmon is available as software or appliance and able to completely secure heterogeneous networks being a manufacturer-independent solution. Clients benefit from security know-how, projectable costs and a very high level of software security while handling and operation are easy, intelligent technologies are applied, the interconnection of macmon with any other security product is possible and extensions of the function profile are kept state-of the-art permanently.

macmon secure is member of BITKOM and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Within the SIMU project it works on conceptual design of the architecture and on extensibility of own NAC solutions by defining user scenarios. It is planned to use macmon as application platform after project completion.

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