SIMU demonstrator was presented at expert meeting successfully

As the innovation engine for the German economy medium-sized businesses play a crucial role. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) lead the way to technological progress in many areas. Therefore, the funding initiative "KMU-innovativ" forms an important element of research policy. Within this scope DECOIT GmbH is in charge of the SIMU project. In the area of Information and Communication Technologies most of the companies that are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research are small and medium-sized businesses. In order to strengthen cooperation and communication between all projects, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research organized the fourth expert meeting named "KMU-innovativ: IKT - Gemeinsam zu intelligenten Lösungen" ( - Together to intelligent solutions). The meeting took place 17 and 18 November 2014 in Berlin. The SIMU project was successfully presented by a poster and its first demonstrator.

Podiumsdiskussion und Vorstellung des SIMU-Projektes

Different projects had the opportunity to present their contents on stage, as DECOIT GmbH presented the SIMU project and pointed out the necessity of SIEM systems. One question was why many attacks can only be recognized by combining results of several different security systems. Furthermore, the moderator who guided through the program refreshingly asked what exactly the outcome of the SIMU project will be and why it especially qualifies for the use in SME. Another question was how a consortium can work together successfully despite of competitive situations. The SIMU project partners complement each other perfectly so that no problems of that type are to expect, as Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Detken, DECOIT GmbH, emphasized. All speakers gave the audience an understanding of the technical context in simplified manner. Finally, it was asserted that the different security projects would actually complement each other well.

SIMU-Demonstrator-Stand bei der BMBF-Fachtagung

At the end Dr. Erasmus Landvogt, Head of Division 514 of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, emphasized ongoing interest in the program and promised improvement regarding points that were criticized. Coordination with the project management organization regarding contents of applications will continue to be close. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research asserted that the meeting was very successful which is why it will take place again in two years. 125 posters in connection to diverse demonstrators were displayed. The SIMU project was also represented by a poster and its first demonstrator being well in demand. Due to its success the program KMU-innovativ will continue. Further exciting and innovative projects are expected.

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